West Coast Gardeners Is OPEN!!!

Hey guys!!!

We should have posted when we opened, but with the weather not being fair, and us being a bit busier than expected, we were unable to say, “HI! HOW’S IT GOING?!”

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope none of you joined in that “New Year, New Me”   bullsh!t. If you are someone I liked before and are planning to change, then I hate you now, so please don’t change. There was nothing wrong with you to begin with.

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Anyways, nothing spectacular to say yet. We are still very busy receiving orders and taking in machines. A lot of folk being really hasty this year and bringing in stuff quicker than normal… or maybe because we were closed an extra week. Sorry about that. 😀

Regardless, I can see this year being another crazy one. One thing to add though, is that the repair shop is going to be very different this year. We will have to be more orderly and have a proper system in place where everyone who has brought in their machines will have to wait there turn. No jumping the line, unless you have earned it or are an actually member. We kind of have a tier ranking in place and though I really like all our customers, we had to put in some sort of grading system to help those who helped us the longest and contributed to our success.

With that being said, we will be VERY STERN with new comers with crappy attitudes. Home owner machines will be charged on the spot for assessment and estimation. Bad People will be treated like this.

Sorry, to all our good customers, but this rule had to be put in place in order to weed out the time wasters who leave their garbage here.