Weekly Updates: Construction and Upcoming Long Weekend

Hello everyone,

If you’re a regular client of ours, then you are probably aware of the crap diarrhea that’s happening with our street. Despite all the construction and obstruction of streets, please respect the workers. Yelling or getting in their face will not make them work harder. I occasionally see some people drive their stupid little car and race off into the sunset like a dumbass. Yeah you a cowboy, man!!

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Seriously, some of these idiots driving on this street have to cool it. what do you achieve by acting like a dickhead and then speeding off? Wow, you certainly made your point. You’re such a badass… not. More like a retarded child. Apparently you’re too cool to drive in this city so why don’t you pack your stuff and go somewhere else? Oh wait, you can’t because you live at home and drive the car your parents bought you. Yeah, you are ultra badass.

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If you are one of those drivers and you don’t know what this symbol means, you really are one of those stupid people. You shouldn’t have kids.

I am very grateful that none of those uneducated adolescents are patrons to our store, but seeing them still irritates me to no end. Anyways, if you have to get mad at anybody, find out who decided to open up every ****ing street in Vancouver at the same ****ing time. Find the stupid assh*le who orchestrated this idea and thought this would be an exceptionally good idea. I have tons of friends who work on the field, yet it is always some jerkoff/b*tch in an office who has to exercise his/her power by making the stupidest decisions to justify their position being useful in the eyes of the higher ups. Ironically, those dumbass decision they think are good, are what will most likely cut them and justify eliminating their position, rather than keep it… and rightly so. Too many stupid people in power. Seriously, why is it so hard for people to make GOOD DECISIONS? I am really dumbfounded by how ridiculously stupid people are and how stupid they behave these days. Is common sense really not common anymore? How can this be?! The idea that something should be common knowledge goes over the heads of many people who you’d think would understand the circumstances behind their decisions. Even if they UNDERSTOOD what they were doing was wrong but still did it, would be still somewhat acceptable, but the problem is they DON’T UNDERSTAND what they do is wrong and why it’s wrong. That is the mentality of a child… seriously, if you’re a grown up and still have the mind of a child, you’re beyond stupid.

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Despite a very fast year, the days stretch on to eternity when endless work comes about. Though this may sound unappreciative to the success of this business, some times it’s very taxing to get over all the humps, only to flatten them out, you find new ones propping up. Nothing comes smoothly as you’d expect, yet if everything were to be smooth, it would be boring… I suppose it’s always about balance, but we always find ourselves on one side of the extreme to the full extent, rather than a consistent amount of work that comes and goes fluently. Instead of an ocean wave, I feel a tidal wave would be a more suiting analogy for the circumstances that arise for the problems and pressure that can be so easily prevented, yet still happen because of somebody’s unmindfullness. Oh whoa is life.

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But that is all nought for thank goodness for Thanks Giving! Spending time with loved ones, or even alone, is a great time to truly appreciate your situation. Not many can make money and enjoy the things they buy with it. Hell, even appreciating your good bill of health(Though I have to question people’s mental health these days…) is something that people take for granted. The insanity of how easily mislead people are these days, almost changing normal, healthy beings into hypochondriacs. “You can’t use that! You can’t eat that! you can’t use that to wash your skin!” etc… It’s endless with this bullsh*t. Instead of letting these fears control your actions and how you live, maybe take this long weekend to appreciate your life instead of fearing it. I am thankful for our success and though I b*tch and moan of our business… it’s still pretty damn awesome here. I think when things are too good, you knitpick, though I feel our problems are justified to complain about, it could be way worse… and this could relate to all of you as well; it could be much worse.

I’d like to think of myself as the glass half empty person because I am just not happy with whatever is happening. It could always improve obviously, however, perceiving life as a cup half full isn’t bad either I suppose… One thing though; being in a negative state can sometimes help motivate and drive you forward to better oneself instead of thinking, “Eh, that’s good enough.”

I guess we all have to see on both sides of the picture, much like how we mustn’t see life as some rat race. Once the race is won, what’s there to do??? The race is the fun part, right? So enjoy that race and do not fear. Maybe fear winning that race if anything, and appreciate the ride by taking time aside and really loving your situation because it could very much be worse.