We Are The New California Trimmer Distributor!!!!

We are so very proud to announce that we are a California Trimmer distributor!!!!

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Actually we picked them up a little earlier this year and in doing so, we slashed the prices on parts and the mower itself!!!! We undoubtedly believe that this machine is great. The biggest issue was cost though… honestly, it was way too unaffordable before we picked it up

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BUT NOW WITH A BETTER PRICE, we have already outsold PREVIOUS YEARS! by many units!!!

Now, about the machine 🙂 ~ The classic reel machine differs in cut from a typical rotary style machine(lawn mower style). The reel(a 5 blade or 7 blade reel) evenly distributes the cut over a flat piece of land without causing excessive tearing or stress to the lawn. The whole process is to go over the lawn very smoothly while shaving the lawn rather than chopping it like a fast rpm lawn mower. If you have ever seen a golf green and wondered to yourself how they get it so smooth and beautiful, it’s because of this.

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The picture doesn’t illustrate the idea very well, but what happens is the reel and the bottom knife connect in order to remove the grass it makes contact with. Think of a razor touching your skin; it’s essentially the same idea using the force of the blade to shave the grass. Obviously if the blades are not sharp, the cut will be dampened and it will show. If there is any draw back with this machine, it would have to be the maintenance side. It’s incredibly intricate with it’s many moving parts so you must take care and grease the parts that are on heavier load such as the chains, gears and bearings. In my opinion, it’s all very worth it, though; The machine has been replicated many times over by others, and this is still the best and well sought after machine in it’s field.


Anyways, if you wish to buy, come see us and we’ll help you out! Want to become a dealer? Sure! Call us or email us and we will make sure you can get started! As always, please don’t waste our time or be rude with us. You will be completely disregarded and ignored by us for the rest of your life.

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