Theft Alert

Hi Everyone,

I hate to make our first blog post a negative one but this is important.



Many of our customers are reporting their equipment stolen while working. Whats really frustrating is we can never get a proper description of the guy because he/she/they never gets caught. A few things we happened to pick up from customers though is just advice that may help.



  • Don’t leave equipment out in the open and then leave to check on something. Have the tool always in sight! It doesn’t take long and assume they are just watching despite not being visible.
  • Don’t assume the thief is always some cracked out loser who does drugs. Most of the time it is… but occasionally it’s normal looking guy/guys who do not stand out. Some of these guys pretend to be talking on the phone (yeah, like they have friends…) and hang out infront of a house. You would assume they own the house but they don’t.Be friendly but be very wary of the people in the neighborhood when doing your job. I’ve heard stories of a caucasion guy in a silver sentra or two asian guys in a black truck. All normal looking people. But they were pricks.
  • If you notice any vehicles that have tinted windows, keep an eye on it. ESPECIALLY IF THE ENGINE IS RUNNING!! Sometimes if you stare hard enough at the driver side of the tinted window, the car will jet off. 😉
  • If you’re missing a piece of equipment, check the near by shrubs/hedges etc… A thief will sometimes stash a piece of gear because they were too weak and stupid to run off with it. In which case, good for you! 🙂 ~ check bushes!
    Or drive around the block. I had customers claim they found their machines on another person’s property…



  • Unfortunately, storing your equipment in the shed or garage is not a safe bet anymore. If you’re able to store your machines in the house then do it. I’ve had too many customers getting their sheds/garage broken into this year alone…
  • If you’re storing equipment in the car, LOCK IT UP! DON’T GET LAZY! The day my customer gets his car broken into is the day he forgot to padlock his gear on the inside! A locked door doesn’t mean !#@%, OK?! I’ve had people get their lock cut with bolt cutters! THIS ISN’T OLD NEWS, GUYS! The only thing that makes them run off is a car alarm and a lock on the equipment on the inside! The chain and lock on your equipment inside of your car is just a deterrent because if the car alarm is going off, no way is the thief going to have time to cut through a thick cable lock in time. A thick chain is just as good, but make sure the chain links are thicker than your thumb… I am not kidding. Cheap bolt cutters from Canadian Tire can cut metal like wood.


This is the jist of it and expect more updates on this matter as well as more posts in general! … If I am bored and have nothing to do. 😀