Thank You To All! Have A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Though the last post was very adamant about how we all feel about work and how this year went, I wanted to say one more final time how grateful we all are about all the awesome people who supported us! How privileged we all are to live in this province and how fortunate our lives are.

Every following year, I got to say, it gets harder and more difficult with all the challenges and struggles, it almost feels like someone out there in the beyond is pitting against you, throwing obstacle after obstacle, challenge after challenge to see if you are worthy. “Worthy of what?”, I sometimes ask myself… but not soon afterwards, I am easily reminded of all the good things surrounding me and how easily disrupted my energy would be if either of those things would be taken from me. A lot of people who come here always assumed this place was a family business, but it’s not. However, our chemistry meshes so well with one another, I can see why everybody would think we are all brothers. Well, we kind of are. I am really happy with the people in my life, and I think a lot of people can’t say they are in a happy work environment or work with people they like and care about.

With all the whining and crying we hear people spout on the internet(if you read my post, then you know I am guilty of that as well, but not to the extent of these people on facebook and instagram), they quickly forget they don’t live in a third world country and act as if things here are horrible, when in fact, it is quite the contrary.

I always hear of other people who are constantly wanting to travel or just vacate somewhere else because of how irate they are about their home town, but I think in reality, the notion that a place is the complication is a fallacy from the person’s own negative outlook. Perspective can be altered by apathetic influences and I think many of us are burdened with pessimistic behavior of others, so I can see why people think this way(Hell, I was even there earlier this year!).

Hopefully you don’t look back with regret, anger and sorrow because I digress; Life is too short. We all know work, traffic, bills etc… have a stressful impact on our daily lives, so why must we have extra pressure and tension every second of our life? Get rid of what ever is pulling you down, or if you’re the problem, then find a passion for something, because I know for a fact that an idle mind is what causes this defeatist and obstructive behavior.

I hope everyone can end their year on a happy note. I know it would be naïve of me to believe that everyone can be happy and live in an idle world, but at least, I hope the good people that have helped take care of us, to be rewarded and taken care of by loved ones surrounding them.