Estimates $25 (will be waived if new unit purchased)
Min Charge – $25
If your name is Jack Duynhoven, Min charge – $40
Talking to mechanic – $200
Entering Mechanic’s garage – $5000
Annoying staff – your life or the life of someone you care about. you choose
Shop Rate – $84/hr
Rush Charge X1.5 ($126/hr)
Rush Charge X10 if you stay and look over the mechanics’s shoulder while he works.
Rough Estimates to Give You An Idea(not including parts)
Tune up – $80-120 -weedeaters, hedgers, blowers. Engines only
Tune up – $120-150 -lawnmowers, aerators, power rakes, most 4 cycle engines
Sharpening – $10 – chains and lawn mower blades (removed from machine)
Sharpening – $74 – 90 – hedger blades; price varies on length and on style(single or double sided)
Sharpening Reels – $200 – 230 – California Trimmers
(For tune-ups, air/gas filters,spark plugs,vents are usually changed depending on condition)
***Storage Fee $5/Day 1 Week After Phone Call***
***Left Over A Month Will Be Sold Or Thrown Away***


Good customer service??? We try. 🙂 Repairing machines? We can do that! Brands we repair are; Honda, Exmark, Stihl, Echo, Shindaiwa, Bannerman, Ryan.

I should add that we only fix what we sell. 😉

Priority will always be given to our original client who have helped us succeed. Priority will also be given to customers who purchased the machines from us. Second priority will be given to landscapers and gardeners alike and after that, residential clients or residential machines. Sorry, nothing against residential but the meat and potatoes of our business is commercial clients.

As for warranty, we can cover it! If the product was purchased here, warranty will be put as a priority. If not purchased here, then back of the line!