Seasonal Fertilizer Available for the Fall and Winter

Hey guys

Just wanted to make a quick post about the fertilizers that we specialize during this time of the year.

nitrogen stressful during colder seasons


This fertilizer is a staple in our business because it can be used all year round for great results. The feeding period can be up to 8 weeks, but I’ve heard from customers it can keep your lawn nice and lush up to months(I am assuming that the lawn in that situation is kept at it’s most utmost care). If you require growth during this season then I would recommend this hardy fertilizer! Just keep in mind higher nitrogen during the colder season when plants are suppose to go dormant will force an unnatural growth(It is normal for plants to shed, shrink, go dormant etc… when the temperature comes down e.g. leaves falling off the tree). Forcing a plant to grow during it’s ending cycle can have undesired results and possible death of the plant. Cold season diseases will also strive from the high nitrogen.) So why would I recommend this powerhouse fertilizer during the cold season??? Because it is polymer/urea coated. What does that mean?!?!

It means fertilizer that is coated with such material is temperature and water released. Without that active reaction to take place, the nitrogen will slowly seep out instead of release immediately.



Fall Special! This fertilizer is utilized to keep the lawn strong and healthy before the winter. If you want very limited growth and a health boost to your lawn, this is the way to go! The nitrogen is strong enough to get a nice green, but not so much that it will cause massive growth.


Winterizer fertilizer! Essentially the same idea as Fall Special but with a higher percent of phosphorus and potash. Phosphorus is great for root establishment and blooming so if you have lawns that need that extra help(usually lawns that are younger than 2 years would benefit from this, but phosphorus also contributes to energy making through photosynthesis) this is probably best for you.


Do not forget to lime, people! I cannot stress enough the importance of a proper balance of equilibrium in acid and alkaline. Just like our stomachs, the proper balance has to be achieved in order to reap the rewards of proper nutrition and health. Some nutrients are not absorbed without a proper PH, PEOPLE!