Magnesium Sulphate a.k.a. Epsom Salt a.k.a AMAZING BATH WATER A.K.A FIX YOUR MUSCLES WITH THIS STUFF!

This is a short post. If you guys are hurting at the end of the day, consider investing into Magnesium Sulphate. Mix this into your bath water and then… relax…

Actually there is a few studies out there that claim that magnesium cannot even break the skin barrier so you’re not even absorbing it… However, there are opposing studies that say the opposite. One thing is for sure though, it really does help with relaxation and that is the point. If you’re unable to “relax” then your adrenal system will never shut off causing you to have poor sleep in the process.  Always remember, if you’re always working, always under stress then there is a higher chance of you injuring yourself, getting sick or causing yourself to have depression or mental instability.

Take care or your body and your mind will follow suit. Take care of your mind and your body will follow suit. Consider Magnesium sulfate bathes if you feel you need to take a breather.