Long weekend Closure for Victoria Day!!! Also, just a reminder to all we’re not open on Saturdays anymore! Also reason behind phone number removal!

Hey guys,

So just in case in you need a reminder; Victoria Day is on Monday so we will be closed SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND MONDAY!!!! As should you, OK?!?!

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That’s all there is to say about that. 😛

Funny thing, a lot of you guys think we’re still open on Saturdays… we’re not. Sadly, every year we have to shorten our Saturday hours because of one simple issue; we are tired of dealing with lying, cheap, bad peepo!

We want to help the good people, I assure you… but the bad people ruined it! On so many occasions we would have to deal with people with the inability to act human, thus, I treated them like they were inhuman(because they were) and then they didn’t like it! That makes no sense! Behave like a human and I will treat you like a human, right? Behave like a stinky piece of turd and I’ll treat you like a turd! Get out of here with your turdiness!

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Serious talk guys… we see so many turds driving on the roads, turds who walk around with this undeserved acknowledgement of self worth and turds who act like THEY KNOW EVERYTHING because they’re a google doctor. Turds… you’ve seen them, I am sure… at the mall, grocery stores and the gym… I can’t have turds in my shop. That’s where we draw the line. No turds in the store. Turds everywhere… we can’t have them here. Here is actual footage of one of those customers.

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Which brings us to our next topic; Why we removed our phone number. We’re getting a lot of flack for that, but honestly, we don’t care. The amount of crappy phone calls we get is insane! We are running a business, not a help line or some place to unleash your turdiness, ok? I don’t want to hear about your mental problem and how you have a problem with your apartment manager. When a turd calls, it’s literally the sound of diarrhea, ok?! How would you like it if someone called you just so they can let your hear them have diarrhea?! It’s not fun! I assure you!

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All sarcasm aside, the phone number was removed because of bad people though. I guess good things come from bad things though; I really do appreciate the really awesome people that come here. Sometimes it’s just really easy to get negative and start snarling like a dragon, but then you remember all the cool, like minded people that we are surrounded by and everything is sort of washed away. We will continue to help the good people and disregard the bad. I really hope other business’ follow the same practice. People have to realize that the squeaky wheel should not get oil, it should be removed and replaced. Why the hell would I drive around in a nice vehicle with a wheel that’s going to cause trouble and &#*@ up the rest of the car? &#!% that tired ass wheel that sounds like sh!t!

Have an awesome weekend, good people!