Long Weekend and Summer Talk

Hey people! Hope everybody is having a lovely summer. Just a small update and a reminder that there is a long weekend coming up so get your calendars out and mark it down that Aug 31st to Sept 2nd should be duly enjoyed!

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SO… what’s happenen?? 😀 ~ chances are you had a very busy summer, not so much from having fun, but working your butt off… yeah, this year was great for nature. Very optimal temperature and weather for nurturing plants and what not. Wasn’t too hot nor too cold. Sometimes we had those spikes where it just felt like a sauna and then days where it was cold as Paris Hilton, that &%@#. Anyways, I think we finally hit the hill with this craziness… though I don’t want to jinx anything, it’s starting to calm down now and we are finally able to breath.

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Inconveniently, fall is right around the corner… summer is done, man! Isn’t that fast?! Another year is basically done! Now you are probably thinking that, “We still have fall and winter! Half the year is still here, what are you talking about?”. And my response is, “Shut the hell up!”

If you really think time is slow, then you have nothing to do except keyboard war with others. Time is priceless and the older you get, the less you have. Some of you young people, and even you older folk, need to realize time is a commodity. Do you really want to waste it on the troublesome and stressful, unnecessary things? I can somewhat understand the raging on roads these days. Some of it is plain mental, but it just shows how fed up people are with the stress in their life. This idiotic city, government etc… thinks it’s genius to do construction everywhere… wow, you guys are so awesome and smart. Not.

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I am not blaming the guys and gals on the street tearing up the ground though. They are working, just like you and I, so don’t hate on them… they are extremely hard working, Probably more so than a lot of you. More so than the guys and woman in offices looking at amazon and ebay on work time that’s for sure. But yeah, my point is that our patience(and I mean everyone) is running thinner as our days feel shorter and our work hours feel longer. Time is short, man… time is short. So if you still can’t agree with that, it just means your time is useless… sorry to say, but it’s true. You have to have purpose in life, may it be family or your passion, which I suppose could also be your family… but I feel you should have a hobby you should strive to be awesome at. Not good. Not great. But to be the best at. So please, take this long holiday off. The customers can wait. The stress can wait. The bills can wait. The losers can wait and die somewhere for all I care. Just make sure, if you are one of the good people who are just trying to get by in life by, then take some time off and enjoy yourself with or without the people you care about. Tt’s much needed and more healthier this way.