Important Info For 2 Cycle Gas Machines: What Kind Of Gas Are You Using???

Heys guys,

It has come to my attention that many of our customers are using 87 gas. A little information about 87; It’s f***ing s***. No, let me rephrase that; 87 is like that sludgy poop you get when you don’t eat enough fibre. Let me ask you guys a question; if you like to drink beer, but can’t afford it, I guess as a result, you would drink your own piss, right? Because that’s a great comparison to using 87 as apposed to 89 and 94. I mean, I have to say, we should really READ the manual.. It says it right there and I understand that gas is expensive, but you shouldn’t cheap out on something that helps with your livelihood(if you’re using these tools for work).

Actually, I shouldn’t say cheap out, because I understand there is some really good people out there that are being crunched by this bullshit Province. It’s this ass backwards Province that likes to charge hard working individuals(the people that I know at least) to the brink of collapse… But that’s a dialogue for another blog post, so to stay the course, please use 89 and above!