Gator bags Now Sold At Westcoast Gardeners!!!

Hello everyone!

It is expectedly getting hotter again and unfortunately, plants, lawns and trees will dry out. Though we have been quite lucky with the amount of rainfall in June(though that rainfall has made us quite busy),Image result for fuuuu

it will not mean much if we have zero rain for the coming months, nom sayin?? NO RAIN GON DRY OUT EVERYTING, so that is why we brought in gator tree bags…

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We’ve had some odd requests to keep in this store before but we’ve been doing our best to work outside of our comfort zone. I feel we should expand our territory from just fertilizer and seeds and into other elements of sustenance for plant growth. I am not turning into a hippy but I am starting to really appreciate what nature does for us after living in this city filled with turds. Surrounded by turds, I’ve come to realize what makes this city great, is the nature that surrounds it… if we did not have this beautiful green, then it just be another grey city with turds.

I feel, as a store that basically sells equipment that tears down nature, we sell very few things that help sustain it. I mean, we sell fertilizers and seeds but the growth of a living thing goes beyond that. If a human being were to go about life with no water, they would die within a couple days… unless they drank their own piss… in which case, trees cant drink their own piss…. but maybe that’s why dogs pee on them?


But lucky for you guys we have GATOR TREE BAGS! These will do the trick I assure you and if you are interested, we will make sure you know how to use them before you leave! Though it’s pretty self explanatory. 🙂

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