Evergro Seminar on Wednesday February 21st at our shop!!!

Well, technically, it will be upstairs in the VGJA and it’s above our shop. 😛

Anyways, I hope everyone is getting ready and prepped for the busy year to come and what better way to start the year by becoming more knowledgeable!!!

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A very great opportunity for all you landscapers, gardeners and nature lovers! EVERGRO will be coming here to the Vancouver Japanese Gardener Association headquarters to do a seminar and bestow their vast expertise on the lifework of growing and grooming. Our good friends from EVERGRO are taking their own precious time to come here and educate so please be respectful and appreciative of their generosity.

The seminar will be on February 21st, at 7:30pm at 4291 Slocan street. Basically our store but the entrance to upstairs is the door on the left from ours!

If anybody comes and causes trouble and basically came to antagonize, we will take your picture and then beat you up. 🙂


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Please email or call if you will attend because seats are limited and half the seats are already gone! Anybody whose name is not on the attending list will not enter. Sorry.