Evergro Seed blends

Evergro is a company We stand behind. We have dealt with many crop production brands in the past but Evergro has ALWAYS been on the ball and we will always back them. Quality products for turf, horticulture and agriculture, this post is specifically about seed blends. Now Evergro carries a wide variety of seed blends… much more than what you’ll ever see at our store honestly, but we do feel like we carry the more popular and useful varieties that Evergro has recommended we carry.

Landscape Seed Blend

10% Granite Kentucky Bluegrass

Dark green, dense, and fine. Known as an excellent summer grass that can endure summer stress. Recommded for premium/showcase lawns. Used often for golf fairways and roughs. Low growing grass so doesn’t require a lot of cutting. Has fairly good shade tolerance.

10% SR2100 Kentucky Bluegrass

Medium to dark green color. Used as a sports turf or where strong durable turf is needed. Strong disease resistance. DOES NOT TOLERATE SHADE!

30% SR5130 Fescue Chewings

Forms a fine, dense, low-growing turf. Ability to form a high quality turf under most environmental conditions. Perform well under stress. Very good shade tolerance. Ideal choice for environmentally-sensitive sites.

25% SR4600 Perennial Ryegrass

Fine leaf texture and vivid dark green color. Suitable for fairways and sports turf. Excellent disease resistance. Does not tolerate shade very well(poor to moderate).

25% Esquire Perennial Ryegrass

Thicker seed compared to other perennials. Very dark green color that is retained all season long. Excellent wear tolerance. Is very Shade tolerant.
Recommendations: Landscape is a beautiful lush lawn that is very fine but durable and strong. Mostly used for golf courses and showcase style lawns. The only downside is that two breeds of this mix are not very shade tolerant so this is a more front and center lawn. Shade should be kept to a minimal to cultivate the entire mix.

Overseeding Seed Blend

50% SR4650 Perennial Ryegrass

50% Mighty Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass has hundreds of varieties. Most of the breeds developed have better wear resistance, shade tolerance and resistance to various diseases and insects that affect ryegrasses in general.  Perennial Ryegrass is shown to have great shade tolerance, however, will significantly fade after a year if sun exposure is kept to a minimal.

Recommendations: Overseeding is something I recommend when you wish to make a barren lawn look more lush and full. On its own you can imagine a pasture with thick long grass, growing as high as 1 to 2 feet.

Now on its own, it may not look very desirable, but if you mix the blend into the lawn(sprinkled into small open areas between the grass blades), you’ll get your lawn looking very strong and full. Keep in mind that overseed dies out and requires more the next year. It’s basically a temp job to make the lawn look nicer and stronger and is known as a nurse grass(Nurse grass are often included in grass seed blends because of their ability to germinate quickly and provide shade and protection to other grass species that take longer to germinate or are more susceptible to other problems).  Also, keep in mind that filling in those small areas of the lawn with overseed is very important. Open areas are open game for weeds and weeds will fight for space against grass… and it will most likely win so make sure you fill in those spaces!

Shady Seed Blend

35% SR4650 Pererrnial Ryegrass

Strong durable ryegrass. Best adapted to coastal regions that have moderate temperatures throughout the year. Typically known for speedy germination(as are all Perennial Ryegrass breeds).

25% Chewings Fescue Common #1

Chewings fescue grass has a more upright growth than the creeping fescues but retains a fine texture of the fine fescue group of grasses. Chewings fescue is best adapted to cooler areas. It is well adapted to sandy, acidic and infertile soils. As all fescues do, chewings grows well in the shade, is drought resistant, non-aggressive and blends well with almost any grass.

25% Creeping Red Fescue Common #1

Fine bladed grass with a medium to dark green color. Most shade tolerant fescue. Grows rhizomes(roots) horizonitally

So what does that mean exactly? Having rhizomatous growth stabilizes root zones and enforces strong connection to the soil. On top of that, having rhizomes provides recovery from damage(this is especially helpful for areas that have high traffic or pest problems).

15% Silhouette Chewings Fescue.

Very dark chewings fescue with good density and fineness. Has excellent heat tolerance and good disease resistance. Ideal for home lawns, shady sites, golf course fairways and roughs.

Recommendations: The Shady Seed Blend is something I often recommend to every customer who immediately asks for a half sun and half shade mix. Though not as refined looking compared to Landscape, it is still a very dark and beautiful grass blend thats more textured(The blades will not come up straight, but are more curved/curled over with a smooth and soft feel when kept long). An overall great lawn that can endure stress, shade, heat and disease.

Chafer Drought Mix

5% Micro Clover Common

Is shade tolerant, does not colonize, and greatly reduces weed pressures. Lawns with Microclover need less fertilizer and maintenance in general while looking natural and sustainable. Does not form thatch, and will not attract chafer beetles.

50% Tall Fescue Blackwatch 2

Coarse-textured medium to dark-green grass. Is a cool-season grass, well adapted to sunny or partially shady areas. Blackwatch in particular is a dwarf turf-type tall fescues that was produced to counteract the influence of brown patch.

45% Tall Fescue Mustang 4

Tough, persistent, endophyte(An endosymbiont is an organism that lives inside another organism’s which may enhance host growth, nutrient acquisition and may improve the plant’s ability to tolerate abiotic stresses, such as drought, and enhance resistance) that lives in other enhanced variety that is well adapted to hot summers, lower fertility soils, higher salt conditions, shade and tough use situations. Has a pleasing dark green color, medium leaf texture and has superior summer performance and stress tolerance.