Discounts for First Responders! Firefighters, Police Officers and EMT!! Please show badge or proof!

Hi Guys,

We always gave discounts to first responders but never marketed the idea before. I think more than ever(because of all the bull*@^# you guys have to deal with from all these morons swimming in Vancouver) you guys need to know that people still appreciate your efforts and value your hard work. I know for a fact you guys get ^@&# on for the dumbest of reasons from people who are not intelligent enough to realize how lucky they are. We have AWESOME POLICE! Children’s Hospital is just amazing! All the Firefighters, ALL OF THEM, are truly an inspiration to EVERYONE! EVERYONE! So come on over and please show proof if not in uniform! Stolen valor is an act of the lowest of garbage so no fakes!


We here at West Coast Gardeners, truly appreciate your efforts and want to give you guys something in return. The catch? Keep our neighborhood clean and safe! SPEFICALLY OUR AREA!



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Calm down… we’re Japanese… well, most of us, so it’s not racist. No PC people allowed in this shop!