Cold Temperatures and Injuries

Hey guys,

I hope everyone is doing well! Another year is coming to an end and I am sure everyone is rushing to finish up their last jobs, clean ups etc… This post is just a reminder to keep your self physically ready for the tasks that you will put your body through during the colder seasons.

One thing I like to state is that EVERYBODY will have a tendency to injure their bodies or aggravate an already injured or tender spot when blood circulation is limited (it may not happen to everyone, but the chances are higher), especially when that limiter is temperature. You see, as you get older, your metabolic rate is limited; Basically, the older you get, the less efficient your body becomes at breaking down proteins, carbs, fat etc… and thus your body slows down the process of recovery as well(well attributed to testosterone). Now they’re many ways to boost your testosterone naturally and I highly recommend this site This site is very informative for optimizing testosterone, health and overall nutrition to boost recovery.

HOWEVER, I don’t care how high your testosterone is, cold temperatures will effect your cell volume and circulation . I am just stating optimizing your testosterone could very well help, but, technically speaking, muscle mass tends to mean more stiffness and rigidness = more weight and more mass means your heart has to work harder to pump more blood to the surrounding muscles. So you’re probably asking yourself, “YOU SAID THAT SLOW METABOLISM MAKES MY BODY UNABLE TO CREATE HEAT SO YOU SAID TO RAISE MY TESTOSTERONE! BUT NOW YOU SAY IF I RAISE MY TESTOSTERONE AND GET MUSCLE, THEN I RISK MYSELF GETTING HURT BECAUSE I AM BIGGER AND MORE STIFF WHICH REQUIRES MY BODY TO CIRCULATE EVEN MORE BLOOD! WTF?!?!”

Granted, this is somewhat contradicting… so I will do my best to explain. You see, our work is very physical, so you’d think that the work you’re doing is enough to sustain muscle… WRONG!!! YOU’RE SO *&@^ING WRONG! Muscle is created through muscle damage and hypotrophy (the act of inducing fatigue to a muscle that creates fullness.) The problem with our work is that you do not rest after doing a certain amount of reps… you keep going because IT’S WORK! You’re body creates far more muscle damage than it can recover from properly and therefore cannot sustain muscle, and instead, breaks it down (catabolic).

You see, your body is incredibly systematic. If you do not give your body a reason to create muscle or sustain it, you will lose it immediately (well not immediately, but at a faster rate if you’re in a calorie deficit which I know for certain MOST OF YOU GUYS ARE). The main reason why people have debilitating injuries in their joints is mainly from inflammation/overuse or not enough muscle to support the joint. This is where muscle plays a very important role! Now I am not saying you should work out like Arnold, but at least do exercises that increase stability in the trunk, the knees, the shoulders, and the elbows. These are your main working joints, therefore, you must support them with structurally strong muscles that can endure loads.

What I recommend? DEADLIFT!!!

This lift seems very daunting to most people… I can see why, but this is probably the most important lift you can do to PREVENT injury! I am not asking you to lift super heavy, but at least build up to a respectable weight so you can maintain your strength levels when you need it to carry heavy loads during your work. As always, do not throw caution into the wind; build up the weight that you lift and do not rush it. This will help with strength, but more important LIFTING FORM! Another known fact is that this lift is highly recommended to people with back injuries (herniated or bulged discs). The Latissimus Dorsi (the LATS!!!) and Erector Spinae (This muscle literally lines your spine) are engaged and loaded during this lift, but the main point of this lift is to stabilize those muscles while YOUR LEGS DRIVE UP THE WEIGHT! Stabilizing muscle is a funny thing because people just assume that your muscle just stabilizes it’s self with it’s own mass if you contract the muscle. Yes and no, but when it comes to your trunk, simply contracting your core doesn’t stabilize your trunk well enough to lift properly. Here, I introduce to you the Valsalva maneuver.

Two other exercises I highly recommend over all others are the squat and overhead press.

All training videos posted are of Alan Thrall. I highly respect this man and his capabilities, but mainly for his ability to teach proper technique and theory. There is a lot of junky, loser, &@^$ trainers out there on youtube. Alan Thrall is not one of them.

Now my first point to prevent injury was to build stronger muscle. Second, though just as important, is warmth and blood circulation. This one is a lot easier to solve in my opinion. Get a wetsuit.

There are many studies and research done on compression alone that helps with recovery and blood circulation.

Combined with compression, neoprene, the material the wetsuit is made of, is a solid foam filled with many tiny air pockets that act as an insulator. The science here is thermal conductivity; keeping the moisture trapped in the suit (sweat), as well as the water surrounding you (only if you’re in the water), the same temperature as your skin. This will help you body retain higher temperature and keep those temperatures longer. A wetsuit can be a real pain to put on and take off especially when it’s so restrictive on your body so I recommend the pants to start off. See how you like it. They also make neoprene knee and elbow sleeves as well.


I do apologize if you were expecting another article on fertilizer and blah blah blah seed, but this is very important. More so actually. Pain is not a good thing folks, and too many people don’t care until it happens, which is just a flawed way of thinking.

I am very inclined in selling rehab or protective gear next year. 🙂 ~ I think it’s due time that we let everyone know that taking care of your body is your main priority and not your lawn or landscape.