By Popular Demand, We Have Acquired REDMAX!

We are finally a Redmax dealer. We really questioned ourselves whether to bring in another company into our shop… Honestly, we have three reasons why we stuck with Echo, Shindaiwa and Stihl for so long.

  1. All companies we deal with are known for reliable, powerful equipment that are 100% backed from their own makers and I truly respect a company that can stand behind what they create. It takes a lot of hard work and pride to make something work and these people have it. Hats off to them!Image result for dependable
  2. Ordering of parts is extremely easy and very rarely would we have an issue of getting them unless discontinued or because the unit itself is older than me… Otherwise, turn over rate for getting parts and equipment are swift to say the least.
  3. The companies are represented by people we trust and can get along with. THIS IS SO CRUCIAL FOR MAKING A RELATIONSHIP WORK! You see, if the company that we deal with doesn’t have good people working for it, the workmanship, the customer service etc… goes down. I don’t care how cheap you can get something; If I am not dealing with a good, trustworthy person with integrity then I don’t want to deal with them, PERIOD!


So why did it take us so long for us to get REDMAX? Well we were finally able to put a face to the company and he made quite the impression on us. I really think we can make this work and bring another great product line that is known for greatness and reliability. We are still new to this company so give us some time on getting parts(We need a good idea on what people roughly need to order. Whats fast and slow moving etc…). Currently We stock the blowers and trimmers. I will update this post shortly on those units!

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