As A Gardener/Landscaper etc… Am I doing Everything Right?

I bet some of you guys wonder to yourself what you’re doing wrong because your customer is unhappy with the results of your hardwork. Or maybe you feel the fertilizer, seed etc… is not working because the product is faulty. If this situation arises, maybe the real questions you should be asking is, “Is this customer picky, negative and stubborn? Am I really doing something wrong or is it because the weather is not adequate enough for the job that has to be done?”

Unless you’re the Mcdonalds of gardeners(quick cut for buck.), I bet a lot of you do your damnedest to get the lawn looking great. It’s art is it not? A beautiful lawn can bring tranquility to the owner and unfortunately, some people think this is just mowing, cutting, pruning etc… but what It’s really about is building an environment. If you’re one of the lucky people out there with a lawn, I really hope you take the time to truly appreciate the art of nature that was created for you.

Anyways, so despite all your hardwork… why is the lawn, garden etc… not looking better? Well maybe… maybe the customer isn’t watering the lawn? WATER THE LAWN?!?! HEY! HOW ABOUT YOU WATER THE %$@!ING LAWN!

If the lawn looks burnt, yellow, brown or seed isn’t growing despite you doing everything right, ask the customer, “Hey, you watering the lawn? If you have an honest customer and they say no, then tell them to do so. If they can’t figure out why the lawn needs water, then slap them. Scratch that; Lock them in a cage with no water for a day. Go a week.

If you’re anything like me who needs constant water hydration, you will get dehydrated so fast that you will literally start cramping up where your bigger muscles are. I was once so dehydrated that I had to be bed ridden for several days while, riling in pain. Imagine what our trees, plants, grass etc… feel on a daily basis with non consistent rainfall. Is that healthy for them if it’s not healthy for us?

Anyways, its the spring and water is not so much an issue since it rains so much… but keep in account that despite it raining, some soil areas may have difficulty retaining water while some other areas may have difficulty discarding e.g.  soil rich in sand will require more water while soil rich in clay would not need as much. In general, since BC has such sandy soil to begin with, more water will help. But at the same time, consider that sandy soil is also very acidic and can be at times infertile so that could be the reason why nothing is germinating. This is where lime comes into play and I have to stress this a lot; LIME YOUR LAWN!


This is not an excuse post to give your clients, but they should be well aware that the lawn is a living organism and like ourselves, stress, weather, temperature and nutrition are all factors to health to all living things. If your client is guilty of not watering, then let them have it. Its no better than starving your dog or children. Lastly… sometimes, things take time. Mail cannot be sent across the globe within a day. You won’t look like Arnold after a few workout sessions nor loose a gut after fasting for a day. THINGS TAKE TIME.  And though people love to see the end result, general progression to the end project/goal is what is more exciting than seeing great result immediately. Sometimes you’ll forget to appreciate the work that was done and admire the environment that was created.