Almost Years End!!!!

WE DID IT!!!!!


This post is a bit early. Actually about a week and a half early! But we are so excited and can’t contain it! Year end is coming! FUUUUUUUUUUUU!

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I think this was a long and taxing year for all… it showed in many peoples faces. Even in the faces of the lazy and stupid, exhaustion and bleakness was emphasized on their brow. Oh wait, that’s normal. Anyways, years end is coming and we couldn’t be happier with how things ended. Obviously things can always be better… but the results and the acts of every person on this team were the best they could of been and thinking about: “This could have been” or “Should have been” etc… is pointless. Nothing can change what has been done, but we can at least improve upon it. One thing I noticed these days is the maturing attitude of this team. I feel dealing with problems have become easier instead of dwelling on what/whose mistake it is/was. I remember in my early twenties, while working in a grocery store, one of the store managers gave me great advice that only started clicking in my brain recently; Choose your fights. Is it really worth fighting over?

So instead of fighting with customers we started calling them every swear word in the book and then finally told them to f*** off and never come back…

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Yes, life is good… however, like bears, we must hibernate. But before going away, I wanted to say our thanks to all the awesome people who come here. All the cool people with interesting stories and backgrounds, that’s what I like about this store best; we can all chat while we work. Why not, right? Getting to know a lot of you people on a personal level cemented the idea in my head even more that people who work with nature(commercially or leisurely) have their head screwed on right. I hate to sound like a hippy in every post, but nature is important. The air we breath is so refreshing and the water that runs through our province is clear. F***ING CLEAR! Not all places get this! I can totally see why people say BC is awesome. I mean we have a mayor with aspergers and ICBC is run by this guy

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But it’s ok! Do you know why? Because other places have bigger idiots, jerks and losers. The grass is certainly not greener and I think a lot of people who cannot see that do not venture out their comfort zone, to realize how much different things are in other places. Do keep in mind that maybe we get so many idiots coming here is because we have something that is very desirable. Think of a beautiful/awesome tricked out motorcycle. Now think about parking it in the Westend. You know what happens? A bunch of stupid girls will sit on the bike to get their picture taken on it… without the consent of the owner. You get what I am saying here??? Retarded people will be attracted to things of great value and when they can’t have it, they do stupid s*** like the motorcycle example; Hence, why stupid petty theft and crimes happen here so often. Anyways lets talk about this year.

Summary of 2019

This year started with guns drawn from the beginning as if the Gods said, “F*** Winter, lets just move on to Spring.” I think that’s why a lot of blog post this year were a bit on the negative side. :P. We will never forget to value and appreciate our clients… but hot diggity dang! If I had to compare this early spring to anything, it would be the “Saving Private Ryan” beach scene.

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Fertilizers, Moss Control, Seeds, Machines, Repairs all went up but the demand was very difficult to fill… We honestly found ourselves in times where we had little stock to fulfill our orders and we came to realize that going by previous years numbers were not a good indicator of how to handle stock. However, when we finally came to that conclusion it was too late. One of many good things that came from this was how loyal our customers are! Despite not having what they needed… they waited for us. We were touched that they liked and trusted us that much. They could have easily gone somewhere else, but very often we would hear them say, “We only like dealing with you guys.”

We were getting new clients with marvelous attitudes. People we thought, “Hey… that’s a cool guy/gal!” and even make us reminisce of how awesome that person is even after they had left the shop. Yeah, we were in a very fortunate position to have great people coming. However, great ups usually come with great downs… a lot stock coming in late, things being back ordered, machines not being repaired in the time it was promised etc… a lot of mishaps, and unfortunately, a lot of miscommunication and at it’s worst, zero communication… which just absolutely drove me up the wall.

I normally could leave work issues at work, but unfortunately, I found myself talking about them at home… You know, it’s kind of funny… a good friend of ours(HI, DOUG!) said how the moon was in a very rare position that only happens once in a lifetime(I think that’s what he told me). I think it’s a well known fact that the moon’s orbit affects the planet. I think people forget that gravitational influence also affects us on a cellular level. Aside from the busy life of being in the lower mainland, I felt everybody had a sense of fatigue and uneasiness and that was possible from this “super moon”. Everybody was “not right” and I am sure if you think about it, you or whoever is reading this, may have felt something as well.

So anyways, that moon didn’t help.

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This was also the year where battery units started to be an actual option worth looking into for commercial use. The body can take so much and despite will power and shear discipline, you could probably go your whole career carrying heavy gas powered machines… but why make your life difficult? People started to see how light and versatile the battery powered units were and we started selling TONS OF THEM! People who had scoffed at the idea of electrical equipment, now contemplating or even diving in and buying them.

Things have changed…, however, electrical components failing were always a concern and when we started selling more battery units, that’s when we saw those concerns become a reality. What really upset me is how people say these units are more environmentally friendly when actuality, harvesting lithium is very polluting by itself, let alone, the fact that lithium itself cannot be disposed of and is extremely toxic(seeping out gases). Another reason why it contradicts it’s environmental status is that we found certain repairs irreparable. Warranty on some machines were replacement despite how dumb and frivolous the issue was, so no matter the problem the manufacturer wanted to replace the unit rather than fix it. That’s an awesome warranty and all, but from an environmental perspective, that’s a complete waste.

That pretty much sums it up I believe. I think we can all slap hands and end with a smile because I can honestly say I am very happy with how things went this year.

Things To Look Forward To In 2020

I wouldn’t necessarily say this is something to look forward to in 2020, but we had to put in a new policy for downstairs so if you’re a regular commercial guy with us, I do apologies, but it had to be done.

So what happened is our insurance company stated how it was dangerous for random people to walk around in our shop. I have to agree about the lack of breathing room some customers allowed for our mechanics as they worked (Seriously, man, that’s really annoying) so I like that we had to change the rules for that problem alone…

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But I also understand it’s a big change for the customers to not be able to interact with a mechanic they have gotten to know. You can still speak with them, but you can’t enter their work space anymore. I think that’s a fair argument. 🙂

As always, our loyal customers who have been with us from the beginning will be honored with fast service. If you’re a new comer, I am sorry, but we will have to be very stern this year. No jumping the line, AT ALL.


So yeah… awesome year and awesome people. Really awesome people… and we are lucky enough to know a lot of them. We don’t know them all but maybe we will one day. Our policy will always stay the same year after year. Take care of the good people and cherish them. The good people have to know they are valued in our community, so please… this coming holiday.. do something nice for everyone.

And beat up a useless drug addict, no good piece of s*** who leaves needles everywhere.