West Coast Gardener's co-op has been in operation for over 30 years. We have great appreciation for those that make our great Province beautiful and I'd like to think that we had a hand in that. Though not hands on, we supply the tools, supplies and maintenance of equipment to those that do make our environment more green and colorful. The world is a beautiful place and we should cherish and help nourish nature and it's many landscapes so it thrives for many generations. GO TEAM!

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West Coast Gardeners Is OPEN!!!

Hey guys!!! We should have posted when we opened, but with the weather not being fair, and us being a bit busier than expected, we were unable to say, “HI! …

WE DID IT!!!!!

Almost Years End!!!!

WE DID IT!!! This post is a bit early. Actually about a week and a half early! But we are so excited and can’t contain it! Year end is coming! …