2015 Pruning Seminar with Mr. Masayuki Mizuno

Sep 26th (Sat) & 27th (Sun) 2015
TIME: 9:00 ~ 17:00
PLACE: North Surrey (Details will be sent out to recipients)
FEE: $120.00

The Research and Planning Department present with great pleasure Mr. Masayuki Mizuno from Portland Oregon to perform a Pruning Seminar (Workshop).

Mr. Mizuno has an extensive background that spreads through out North America. He provides guidance in pruning and maintenance management at the Portland Japanese Garden. At The Lethbridge Japanese Garden in Alberta he offers seasonal pruning advice. He is also a consultant at the Seattle Japanese Garden and also helps manage privately owned gardens.

Our main objective from this learning experience is to absorb the knowledge and analyze proactive methods on how to help succeed this acquired skill asset onto future generations.  The seminar will teach how to educate the knowledge of practical pruning methods and the concept of space management in a garden. We believe this is a great opportunity and seek your participation.

Hosted by the Vancouver Japanese Gardeners’ Association (VJGA)

vjga-logo This Non-Profit Organization established in 1959, was created to establish social status for Japanese gardeners and landscapers active in the Lower Mainland. The underlying concept was and is to help foster friendships through sports and culture, as well as to contribute to the local society through experience and applied research. The Membership has so far built five Japanese gardens in various locations as that fulfill a space for tranquility, exhilaration, cultural awareness and above all to sustain a landscape of harmony for the community.

Sponsored by the West Coast Gardeners Co-op of B.C.

The West Coast Gardeners Co-op was established in 1981. It is located on the main floor of the VJGA building where they manage the sales and repairs of gardening machinery.


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Contact: Vancouver Japanese Gardener’s Association,
TEL / FAX: 604-439-0348   E-mail: vjga@shaw.ca  Website: http://vanjapangardeners.com
Inquiry: Please contact Mr. Okada at TEL: 604-562-1079      E-mail okada_gardening@hotmail.com